Poorva Halasana (Preliminary Plough Pose)

Poorva Halasana, as the name suggests, is the preparatory yoga posture for the advanced Halasana (Plough Pose). As the Preliminary Plough Pose is the initial practice of Halasana, the movements performed in this pose are subtle as compared to the full Plough Pose.


The raising of the legs in the posture to assume the shape of plow confers the body with benefits of Poorva Halasana.


Let’s get started with the Poorva Halasana steps, contraindications, and more.


Step 1: Lay your body in supine position on a yoga mat.
Step 2: Keep the legs and arms straight on the mat.
Step 3: Relax your body. Slide the hands slightly under the hips. You can also fold your hands in a fist and slide them underneath the hips.
Step 4: Slowly, raise your legs up and positioned them at 45-degree angle to the floor. If raising both the legs at once is difficult, do it one at a time.
Step 5: Hold this position for a time period that is comfortable for you.
Step 6: To release, bring the legs down and rest the arms by the side of the body
Step7: Breathe and relax.


Important Tip:


● After performing the Poorva Halasana steps, indulge in the practice of backbend yoga poses like Camel Pose (Ustrasana), Bow Pose (Dhanurasana), Bridge Pose (Setu-Bandhasana) and more as counter yoga postures.


Contraindications of the Pose:


● If you have sciatica or a problem of a slipped disk, please do not practice the Preliminary Plough Pose.
● Novice practitioners can perform the pose in the guidance of a yoga teacher for maximum health benefits of Preliminary Plough Pose.


The Instructions of Plough Pose (Halasana):


As you dedicatedly take up the practice of Poorva Halasana, you create a strong and flexible body ideal for the Halasana. Have a look at the steps of mesmerizing Halasana (Plough Pose).


● Lie on your back with arms and legs unbent and resting on the ground.
● As you inhale, engage your abdominal muscles to lift the feet off the floor.
● Continue to breathe and bend your legs backward with toes touching the ground behind the head.
● Support the lower back with your hands.
● Once you come into the final position, make sure your back is perpendicular to the ground.
● Stay in this posture for 20-30 seconds and gently come back into the initial supine position.

The Benefits of Poorva Halasana:


1. Tones Abdominal Muscles and Organs: In the practice of Poorva Halasana, the abdomen is strongly engaged. Due to its active involvement, the muscles and organs of the abdomen get a stretch that helps in toning of the muscles and better functioning of the organs. With the Preliminary Plough Pose, you can maintain your digestive tract, kidneys, liver, pancreas in a state of optimal health.


2. Proper Blood Circulation: Due to fewer movements of the legs, the blood circulation to the lower body gets hampered. And, this may give rise to a medical condition known as varicose veins. The health benefits of Preliminary Plough Pose of varicose veins can be utilized by performing this pose with attention to alignment.


3. Removes Fat from the Waist: This posture gets attention for all the good reasons, one being the removal of fat from the waist. During the practice of the pose, the stomach and waist areas get stretched that helps in the shedding of the fat in a natural way. Practice this pose regularly for weight loss benefits of Poorva Halasana.


4. Good for the Back: The Preliminary Plough Pose is rewarded for back health. As you lift the legs up in 45-degree angle, the spine and muscles of the back experience expansion. The stretch helps relieve a backache, stiffness and promotes strength and flexibility.


5. Mental Health: The Poorva Halasana offers rewards for the brain. The pose increases the supply of oxygen, nutrients and blood to the head leading to nourishment. With proper nourishment received, the brain becomes calm and functions effectively.


6. Activates Chakras: The Preliminary Plough Pose stimulates the functions of Charkras located within the body. When the chakras are unlocked, the practitioner cultivates a sense of wellbeing and contentment.

Strengthen your body-mind in Poorva Halasana and make your way towards full Halasana. Become a recipient of glorious benefits of Halasana.

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