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“Live a pure ashram lifestyle in the beautiful valley of Pokhara in Nepal during the Yoga Program in Nepal”

A home is a sacred space of rest, relaxation, merriment, and growth. And, for a great practitioner to bloom in its full grandeur, it is imperative that they are nurtured in a prosperous atmosphere. Standing in solidarity with this philosophy, Yoga Training Nepal has chosen Pokhara– the land of leisure and adventure with a mystical Annapurna background as its place of rejuvenation and yoga practices. This place is carefully selected by our management staff and teachers because of its breathtaking ambiance and traditional lineage that foster healing and upliftment.

At Yoga Training Nepal, along with providing a perfect resting place, a perfectionist approach is followed in the selection of the chefs as well as in the preparation of the meals. A wholesome diet that is conducive to the optimal health and well-being is offered to each of our students.

Pokhara, Nepal

We warmly welcome you to the Infinity Resorts– our abode in Pokhara, Nepal. In the high altitudes with splendid views of the Phewa Lake and forested hills are the Infinity resorts offering comfort, safety, and magnificence at its best. Far away from the modern chaotic, our resort-like home presents an unparalleled solitude experience. Through the Infinity resorts in the plush lap of Phewa Lake and Annapurna Range, our effort is focused on facilitating the guests with the best of natural experiences they seek. The accommodation has single and twin deluxe rooms that can be availed on a private and sharing basis respectively. Each room offers both convenience and comfort as these have been furnished with teak wood furniture: a cupboard, dressing table, table-sofa, furry rugs, and basic amenities such as Television, fan, light, telephone, and private washrooms that are kept in clean and hygienic conditions for health purposes. The rooms are kept spotless with nicely-prepared beds and sweet fragrances while the large glass-paned windows act as the mirrors to the splendid Annapurna ranges. The rooms open up to a private balcony where one can allure the eyes with the enchanting views and can feel the rich warmth of the atmosphere around. The resort has a beautifully-designed swimming pool and lush green gardens with colorful blossoms that are back-dropped by the giant panorama of the Phewa Lake. The amenities remain the same for each room except the bed size (twin beds for sharing room and single queen bed for a private room). Air-conditioned rooms are also available at the accommodation. A cozy day and peaceful night are what we offer to our Yoga Training Nepal yogis.

Live the yogic life with us!


“Feed the soul that is the core of who you are with us during yoga teacher training in Nepal.” A healthy body and mind are the essence of a fulfilled living and the most valuable assets for undergoing a yoga teacher training program. For similar reasons, we at Yoga Training Nepal, bring for our students a wholesome platter rich in necessary minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients for savoring and manifesting a unified body, mind, and soul. In order to ensure quality food, we have selected professional chefs and taste connoisseurs who take complete care of the dietary needs of the students and present to them food that perfectly blends flavor, vitality, and richness. As much as the Pokhara is fabled for being the beautiful lake city, it is equally eminent for its plush organic farms and agricultural lands. Owing to this, we offer abundant and varied healthy food choices sourced from fresh produce. In Nepal, most crops are grown in an organic manner that retains the maximum nutritional value and taste of the fruits and vegetables. The picturesque setting along with delicious food satiates the soul in the most heart-warming manner. And so, we have a food facility offering the most scenic view from a rooftop restaurant. Three vegetarian servings (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner) along with herbal drinks, tea during breaks, and a variety of traditional dishes are served to the students during their stay with us. Each meal is prepared in a wholesome manner that is also rich in taste for the utter nourishment of the body and soul. Our target is to offer a variegated palate consisting of vegetables, fruits, salads, rice, and rotis for the healthy being of the students. We strive to encourage and bring to the table purely Sattvic meal choices. Students with any particular meal choices or the ones who prefer pure vegan dishes can inform us in advance so that we can prepare and serve food accordingly. Eat nutrient-rich meals while overlooking the mystic glory of Nepal with us.

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