500 hour yoga teacher training in Nepal

Join the seamless journey into the heart of yogic bliss with our 500 hour yoga teacher training in Nepal where the ice-ensconced mountains stand for majesty and fortitude while the untarnished fresh natural abundance all around represents a flourishing life-force.

Undertaking the 500 hour yoga teacher training certification in Nepal is a soul-enriching journey from being a tenderfoot in yoga to an advanced learner of the holistic arts, drinking in the immense knowledge from the very sources in the Himalayan land of the mystics.


Why Is Yoga Teacher Training In Nepal So Special?

Set in the majestic backdrop of the Himalayas, Nepal is a land of the greatest spiritual seeking. Since time immemorial, sages like Rishi Nemi have set foot on this hallowed land of mythic beauty and ingrained the values of yogic holism in the faith of the everyday life of the people. The 500 hour yoga teacher training course in Nepal brings the opportunity to absorb and grow in this culture of innate spirituality for almost two months, living under the guidelines of a yogic life, training under traditional teachers, and communing with like-minded learners from over the globe.

In Nepal’s breathtakingly gorgeous hillscape, nature becomes a divine entity and draws the practitioner deeper into its fold, purifying and renewing their energies from the core. The ubiquitous yogic values thus inherited from practicing under expert guidance, in the midst of resplendent nature, and leading a simple yogic life, paves the way for a lasting practice and self-knowledge.

Curriculum Overview: 500 Hour Yoga TTC in Nepal

The 500 hour Yoga TTC Nepal has a powerful curriculum of asanas integrated with meditation, breath-intensive exercises of Pranayama series and mindfulness practices. The course module seamlessly joins the 200 hour YTT coverage of yogic subjects of the primary level with the more advanced and intermediate coverage of yoga goals of the 300 hour YTT. The transition from the learning of 200 hour YTT to the course bulletins of 300 Hour YTT is so seamlessly presented in this particular course that the practitioner enjoys a natural development in their learning and finds their entire potential thoroughly explored.

Here are some highlights of the 500 hour yoga teacher training in Nepal 2018

  • A step-by-step advancement from the Hatha primary asana sequences to Hatha intermediate segments. Simultaneously, covering Ashtanga primary sequences to Ashtanga intermediate segments of asanas.
  • Meditation techniques with Mantra chanting, Yoga Nidra Meditation, Trataka, Kundalini Meditation, and Nature-Walk Meditation in the Himalayas.
  • A seamless exploration of Pranayama exercises from the easy level to the advanced
  • Applied Yoga Therapy for relieving a number of common ailments, general exhaustion, fatigue, and inner cleanse
  • Mindfulness practice to enhance the power of concentration
  • Advanced Ayurveda both in theory and application to eradicate mind-body disorders, find equilibrium in the Vata-Pitta-Kapha constitutions, and naturopathic spas to rejuvenate the soul
  • Yoga Teaching Methodology taught on the 500 hour yoga courses in Nepal helps in qualifying for competitive careerist persuasion in the field of yoga teaching.

Certificate of Completion in 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

The successful completion of the 500 hour YTT in Nepal from our Yoga Alliance affiliated Institute will mean a grand prospect for registering with the Alliance as an RYT. This is a mark of global recognition for the individuals committing to a meaningful profession of yoga teaching. With a weight-bearing prestigious certificate like the 500 hour YTT will have you welcomed as a teacher at any leading yoga program in the world.


Our center of yogic stay nestles in the cheery mountain ambiance of this pretty Himalayan kingdom. Closely gathering clouds over snow-capped hilltops, a vista of serene greenery, gushing rivulets full of life-energy, and gorgeous glacial lakes make for an awe-inspiring ambience for you to reside in, with all the comforts of a simple stay provided. Clean and hygienic rooms, spacious attached verandas, private washrooms, geyser, TV, and Wi-Fi make the place appropriate for the modern yogis to stay tuned with their kin even on their days of training in a foreign place.

Food at the Center

The clean and measured Ayurveda-informed culinary at our center makes up an important part of the whole experience. Tasteful meals consisting of succulent salads, warm soup for cold nights, rice and chapati main meals with delectable vegetarian fares for the sides, and a collection of hot and cold beverages make our meals just what you need on the exacting training days of your 500 hour Yoga TTC in Nepal.

Student Life in Yoga Teacher Training In Nepal


  • Yoga in the mountains on the sunny days, looking over heavenly sunrises and sunsets
  • Outdoor meditation on a full moon night in Sarangkot
  • Phewa Lake tour and performing community service by cleaning the lakeside as part of the Karma Yoga project
  • Arranging an awe-inspiring trekking tour in the zeniths of the Annapurna Range.

How to Reach Us in Nepal?

By Air: The airport nearest to Pokhara is the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu. You can access multiple flights from here to various international destinations. Cabs and buses are available from the airport to Pokhara main bus stop.

By Road: : Nepal has several entry points from the neighboring country of India. From Kakarbhitta (West Bengal) to Biratnagar (Bihar), Nepalgunj, Dhangadi, and Mahendranagar (across the Uttar Pradesh border). You can get direct buses to either Kathmandu or Pokhara passing these stations.

Hire a Cab: We will be happy to arrange airport pickups and pickup from other points around Pokhara to our center on a prior notice and an extra charge.

Course Fee Inclusions
  • 60-day accommodation
  • T-shirt for attending yoga classes
  • Yoga books to help make the most at self-studying
  • 3 nutritious vegetarian meals a day
  • 500 hour Yoga TTC certificate in lieu of the Yoga Alliance
  • Weekly meets to interpersonal and social skills
  • Weekend recreation and group activities
Training Outcomes of 500 Hour Yoga Training In Nepal
  • Basking in the thrills and beauty of one of the world’s sprightly adventure capitals
  • Earning the passkey to start your journey as a respected yoga teacher with the 500 hour yoga certification in Nepal, anywhere in the world you choose to be.
  • Learn the methods of Ayurveda to sustain an enduringly healthy lifestyle
  • Gain the confidence to stay strong and practice safely even the most challenging segments of asanas
  • Sharpened insights into the philosophical works of the yogic discipline

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